TTI has increased clamping fees to US$100 for errant buses

The Claim: Claim: A message circulating on WhatsApp claimed that Tendy Three Investment (TTI) has raised clamping fees from US$60 to US$100.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: A message circulating on WhatsApp claimed that Tendy Three Investment (TTI) has raised clamping fees from US$60 to US$100.

“Cry Bulawayo cry, as cross border bus transporters we are crying loud as we are milked a little, we are trying to get to feed our families, the so called TTI have raised their clamping fee from $60 to $100. We don’t understand the by laws but we have applied for loading bays in the city to no avail,” read the message.

“Give us a common place rank or anywhere we can have peace and get used to, but nothing only to be clamped and pay a total of US$100 per day, on a serious note we cannot run business in such conditions, may we have authorities to address our plea. The incoming honorable Mayor please we are also in business may we get clarity on these fines or give us alternative places where we can have our business running smoothly,” read the message shared on WhatsApp.

Verdict: CORRECT

Contacted for a comment, TTI executive chairperson Lizwe Mabuza confirmed the development and said they are trying to put sanity in the city.

“We have a problem with buses, it’s not cross border buses alone, it’s every bus that parks in town within our jurisdiction. These buses no longer care, when they know that their clamping fee is US$60, they will park their bus to be loaded whilst blocking the road,” said Mabuza.

He said the buses are causing nuisance around the Central Police station and everywhere in the central business center.

“They park anywhere because they know they don’t feel the pinch of this money. Some of them will tell you that you are wasting your time clamping them. Clamping is not meant to punish, it’s meant to put order, it’s not even about US$100. We are busy, we want a big towing truck so that if a bus infringes for two hours, we tow it,” said Mabuza.

 He said the craft of the matter is not to make money but to clear the city.

“The buses have blocked the way from the Central Police Station and it is no longer passable, so even if you clamp them, they don’t care. So that US$100 is meant for them not to park there,” said Mabuza.

Background: Tendy Three Investments Private Limited (TTI), is managing Bulawayo City Council (BCC)’s smart vehicle parking system. The build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) partnership between TTI and BCC is crafted in such a way that the former pockets 70 percent of the revenue while remitting 30 percent to the council.

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