Bulawayo`s Ward 29 has no community boreholes?

Source: The councillor made the claim during a discussion on the Bulawayo`s water supply status, challenges and remedial measures to be taken. Councillor Lubimbi said the government should be engaged in drilling more boreholes in the city. Alderman Lubimbi said her ward has been affected by water supplies especially on the high level areas and the situation was made worse by the unavailability of boreholes.

Background: Ward 29 is made up Lobengula West 3, Magwegwe North and Magwegwe West (West of Intemba Road).

Verdict: Misleading

CITE established that there is one borehole in the ward which has a bush pump.

According to the Bulawayo City Council (BCC), all the boreholes in the city were drilled by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The mandate of the local authority is to provide piped water and the boreholes were drilled as a humanitarian gesture during drought and also for community gardens.

The local authority has indicated that it has no budget for drilling of new boreholes.

During the current water crisis, the local authority provides water bowsers to areas that do not have boreholes.

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