Did Zanu PF supporters beat up CCC member?

The Claim: Claim: Zanu-PF supporters beat up a Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) supporter. 
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: Zanu-PF supporters beat up a Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) supporter. 


CCC posted a video on their X page of a man being bashed with a log and a belt by two men. One of the men recorded beating was wearing Zanu-PF regalia. The opposition party claimed that the man being assaulted was a party member: “They are kidnapping, torturing, and wrongfully arresting innocent citizens solely based on their affiliation with CCC, while allowing their own thugs to escape unpunished. The ongoing pattern of selectively applying the law must be condemned. @PoliceZimbabwe , here is evidence of a Zanu PF thug brutally attacking a citizen in broad daylight,” read the CCC tweet.  

Although there have been numerous reports of abductions and torture of CCC members by the ruling party post the election, it could not be conclusively established if in the man in the video was being beaten over political issues.  

The party could not provide finer details surrounding the incident. This publication inquired where the incident had occurred and if there was a police report that had been filed. 

National party spokesperson, Promise Mkhwananzi referred this publication to Honorable Tome, whom he said was the Secretary for welfare. 

“I have not yet received this video, I may have missed. I will follow up on it.” 

Efforts to follow up on the matter did not yield any results as the party official said they had had not gotten any updates. 

Some responses to the tweet alleged that the man being assaulted is a thief who had been caught for stealing a radio and the incident occurred pre-elections.   

 “This video has been around even before elections, it’s about thieves who stole a radio! But you are desperate”  

Another X user alleged that the victim had stolen some cattle and got caught.

Another user noted that the incident was not at all linked to politics and chided the opposition party for misleading the public.  

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