Econet Wireless is not offering free data to sim card holders

The Claim: Claim: Econet Wireless is offering free data to old sim card holders
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: Econet Wireless is offering free data to old sim card holders

A message which went viral on social media purportedly from Econet Wireless was offering free data to owners of ‘Old Sim Card’.

According to the message, those with 6-month-old sim cards were eligible to get free 5gb of free data and those who have owned their sim cards for over a year were eligible for free 10 gb data.

The message also provided two links for those who qualify to click and claim their prize.

One of the links asks you to enter your Econet number before you proceed further.

There are also testimonials purportedly from some of the beneficiaries.

Curiously, one of the messages reads, “I doubt this offer at first, but it’s real. I just got my 10GB thank you MTN” from one Joseph Emmanuel.

Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTN) is Africa’s largest mobile network operator but does not operate in Zimbabwe and has no links to Econet Wireless.

In response, Econet Wireless has dismissed it as a scam.

“Beware of scam WhatsApp and SMS messages claiming free data from Econet for old SIM Cards. These messages are fake, and you should ignore them. Please stay safe and report any suspicious messages to our customer care team,” the mobile operator said.

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