CITE never predicted Munsaka’s victory in Binga North by-election

The Claim: CITE has predicted Munsaka’s victory in Binga North By-election
The Verdict: claim verdict


Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE) never carried out a survey to predict who is likely to win the Binga North National Assembly seat in the March 26 by-elections. Information and statistics circulating on social media and attributed to CITE and the publication’s journalists to that effect are false and misleading.


In a message widely circulated on social media, the author claims ZANU-PF candidate for the Binga North by-election, Kudakwashe Mavula Munsaka, is set to win by a narrow margin according to CITE predictions.

“Yesterday we presented our predictions for Tsholotsho South constituency,” reads the message.

“Today we bring you our predictions for Binga North constituency ward by ward. Please note, our Predictions are based on an independent survey conducted throughout the constituency by our journalists.”

The writer goes on to present the unfounded findings from different wards in the constituency as follows:


Prince sibanda 55%

Kuda Munsaka 44%

Others 1%


Prince sibanda 51%

Kuda Munsaka 49%


Kuda Munsaka 89%

Prince sibanda 10%

Others 1%


Kuda Munsaka 72%

Prince sibanda 28%


Prince sibanda 51%

Kuda Munsaka 48%

Others 1%


Kuda Munsaka 73%

Prince sibanda 24%

Others 3%


Kuda Munsaka 52%

Prince sibanda 44%

Others 4%


Prince sibanda 45%

Kuda Munsaka 40%

Peggy Mudimba 15%


Prince sibanda 46%

Kuda Munsaka 45%

Others  9%


Kuda Munsaka 53%

Prince sibanda 40%

Peggy Mudimba 7%


Prince sibanda 51%

Kuda Munsaka 48%

Others 1%


Kuda Munsaka 50%

Prince sibanda 48%

Others 2%


Kuda Munsaka 75%

Prince sibanda 23%

Others 2%


Kuda Munsaka 58%

Prince sibanda 40%

Others 2%


Prince sibanda 59%

Kuda Munsaka 40%

Others 1%

“It is predicted that Munsaka kudakwashe will win with a small margin,” further claims the author. Visit our website for a ward-based analysis and methodology. All predictions are CITE views and conclusions.”

The writer goes on further to share the following links from CITE website:

CITE on February 16 only organised an election debate for Binga North candidates on Twitter Space in which only Disciple Munkuli – an independent – showed up.

Munsaka (ZANU-PF) and Prince Dubeko Sibanda (Citizens Coalition for Change) candidates had initially indicated they would be part of the debate.

The story published by CITE three weeks ago under the headline: “Race for Binga North seat heats up” identifies five candidates vying for Binga North constituency namely: Peggy Mudimba (MDC Alliance), Kudakwashe Mavula Munsaka (ZANU-PF), Clive Muzamba (United Democratic Alliance), Prince Dubeko Sibanda (Citizens Coalition for Change) and an independent Disciple Munkuli.

The article does not in any way give statistics or predictions about who is likely to romp to victory, making social media claims baseless.

Another cited article in the social media claim about Munsaka launching a scholarship fund does not contain any predictions on who is likely to win the seat on March 26.

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