Has ZUPCO introduced a Covid-19 vaccination bus passport?

The Claim: ZUPCO has introduced a Covid-19 bus passport and commuters have to produce the card to prove that they have been vaccinated before boarding.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Contacted for a comment,  ZUPCO Southern Region Manager Tinaye Rwasoka dismissed the picture as fake.

“We are not aware of that, I don’t know about that we can’t comment about social media issues, if its coming from ZUPCO it will come from the press, we treat them as social media issues.”

In addition, ZUPCO marketing and public relations manager Sikhanyisiwe Ncube said they have not issued such cards.

Background: In Zimbabwe, the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign is targeting frontline workers, mostly health workers. So far 15 705 frontline workers have been vaccinated since the start of the programme.

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