Is the government funding the rehabilitation of Luveve road?

The Claim: The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) claimed that the government is funding the rehabilitation of Luveve road in Bulawayo.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) claimed that the government is funding the rehabilitation of Luveve road in Bulawayo.

“The rehabilitation of Luveve road has started, with motorists applauding the government for prioritising one of Bulawayo’s busiest roads,” read the story

The story also quoted Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development  Felix Mhona saying, “ What we are trying to demonstrate is that we are a listening government. Gone are the days when we used to work from our offices, as the second republic we are here to serve the nation.

Verdict: Misleading

CITE contacted Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to clarify the matter and BCC Corporate Communications Manager, Nesisa Mpofu said the local authority is rehabilitating and financing the current improvement works along Luveve Road.

“We are using our own funds and not Government of Zimbabwe financing,” said Mpofu.

 She said the estimated costs for the rehabilitation works are approximately US$1.2 million.

“The critical sections of Luveve Road earmarked for improvement works are 1,3km. To date, the reconstruction works have involved Base Preparation and Final Compaction of bases and Priming of the road completing the earthworks. We are now allowing the Prime to dry and the wet spell to end, and thereafter we will commence surfacing with bituminous material.”

 Mpofu added, “The next segment for reconstruction is between Engen Garage and HappyValley. Detour routes have been created and earthworks on the Engen section will commence as soon as the wet spell subsides.”

She said ideally the entire length of Luveve road is due for improvement works which are estimated to cost approximately US$9 million.

“Luveve Road from Lobengula Street to Intemba Road (9.2km long) has various modes and degrees of pavement distress which are evident along its length. But due to funding constraints, the intention is to attend to critical sections that are now impassable due to localized clutters of potholes within Luveve road extents and the improvement works are estimated to cost approximately US$1.2million,” said Mpofu.

She added that the final completion date will be affected by the rains received over the construction period.

“The City of Bulawayo is still within the three months planned programme. Earthworks have been completed for the Matshobana Section and the area is ready for surfacing.”

Conclusion: The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is funding the rehabilitation of Luveve road at a cost of US$1.2 million and not the government as reported by ZBC.

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