Multi-party liaison committees in an election

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What are multi-party liaison committees?

·         These are structures for conflict management, established by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) after the close of nominations in an election.

·         The committees established at the national, provincial, constituency, and ward level consist of representatives of parties contesting the polls and ZEC commissioners.

·         The main aim of these committees is to prevent or resolve conflicts and to ensure observance of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates.

Functions of multiparty liaison committees according to Section 160C of the Electoral Act are as follows:

·         To hear and attempt to resolve any disputes, concerns, matters, or grievances relating to the electoral process, including in particular any disputes arising from allegations concerning non-compliance with the Code.

·         In the case of a national multi-party liaison committee  to create and establish multiparty liaison subcommittees in each province, and to delegate any of its functions to any multiparty liaison subcommittee; and to monitor, supervise or direct the activities of multiparty liaison subcommittees

·         To immediately report upon and refer to the Commission any disputes, concerns, matters or grievances relating to the electoral process

·         To request the Commission to mediate or appoint an independent mediator to resolve any dispute, concern, matter or grievance relating to the electoral process; and

·         To present to the Commission any reports, assessments, records or recommendations relating to the electoral process; and

·         Generally, to assist in implementing the Code.

How are decisions of the multi-party liaison committee arrived at?

·         The decisions of the multiparty liaison committee are made by consensus.

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