No, hot drinks cannot stop Covid-19

No, hot drinks cannot stop Covid-19.
The Claim: Hot drinks can prevent Covid-19.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Plummeting temperatures of late have seen a lot of people grappling with chilly conditions.

Some claim this year’s cold is ‘like nothing they have experienced’ and families worry how they will protect themselves from the elements this winter season, with the added misery of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

With such fears, a lot of myths are passed around on how to keep warm and prevent Covid-19.

This has prompted some to say ‘hot drinks and taking hot-water baths can prevent Covid-19’ in addition to keeping warm against the cold.

However, that is false as hot drinks, or hot water do not kill the Covid-19 virus nor cure the disease.

According to a health material website- AVERT, a UK-based, internationally focused charity that used digital communications to build health literacy on diseases such as HIV and sexual health confirmed that hot drinks cannot stop Covid-19.

“There is no drink, hot or cold, that will protect you from coronavirus or cure the illness. Most people who get Covid-19 recover by themselves. Taking paracetamol, drinking lots of liquids, and getting enough rest can help you manage your symptoms,” said the website.

A hot bath does not prevent Covid-19 as well.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), says your body temperature remains around 36.5 to 37 degrees Celsius regardless of the temperature of your bath or shower.

Health experts also pointed out a temperature of 60 to 75 degrees Celsius is required in laboratory setting to kill the coronavirus.

The best way to protect oneself against the coronavirus is by following Covid-19 appropriate behaviour which involves wearing of facial masks, washing hands, sanitising with an alcohol based sanitiser and social distancing.

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