SADC men have not been invited by King Mswati III to marry Eswatini women and obtain citizenship.

The Claim: King Mswati III has invited male citizens from all southern African countries to come to Eswatini and marry five women to get citizenship.
The Verdict: claim verdict

The Eswatini government has stated that a viral circular dated 8 March 2024, which claimed King Mswati III welcomed male citizens from all southern African countries to come to his country, marry five women each in order to get citizenship is false.

On its official X platform, the Eswatini Government dismissed the circular as fake.

“The public is notified that this circular notice is fake,” said the Eswatini Government.

The fake circular stated that Eswatini was facing a shortage of men.

“With reference to the king Mswati III’s , Swaziland King, public declaration that his nation is greatly concerned with the scarcity of men, he is therefore informing the citizens from  southern African Nations to apply for nationality in Swaziland. 

“I, King Mswati III, the king of Swaziland, invite citizens from Southern African Nations to apply for nationality in my land, therefore, here’s the deal, marry at least five wives and you’re assured that my government will pay for the marriage ceremonies and buy houses for you.” 

The claim went on to say application forms for the exercise are obtained in all public offices of all Southern African Nations excluding Malawi. 

In April 2018, the Kingdom of Swaziland was officially renamed the Kingdom of Eswatini, which reflects the name commonly used in Swazi.

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