Where can residents activate their Covid-19 vaccination card QR codes in Bulawayo

The Claim: Where can residents activate their Covid-19 vaccination card QR codes in Bulawayo
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A Covid-19 vaccination QR code is a type of barcode that carries the holders’ personal details including when they took the vaccine and where.

The government introduced vaccination cards with QR codes in 2021 to prevent the duplication of vaccination cards by scammers. The government said the certificates would be linked to the person’s passport and national identity document.

Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director (PMD), Dr Marphios Siamuchembu said, “Only people who need to travel to countries that want to see those vaccination cards activated electronically need to get them activated.”

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) recently published areas where residents can get Covid-19 vaccination card QR codes activated.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care as part of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout effort, created a secure Covid-19 vaccination card which provided for electronic authentication of the vaccination record,” said BCC Town Clerk in a statement.

The QR codes are activated at the following sites:

-Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director’s offices, Mhlahlandlela Building

-City of Bulawayo Health Services Department, office 215, 2nd floor, Tower Block

-Mpilo Central Hospital

-United Bulawayo Hospitals

-Ingutsheni Central Hospital

-Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Ekusileni Hospital

-Mater Dei Hospital.

All Municipal Clinics

-Northern suburbs clinic

-Entumbane Clinic

-E. F Watson clinic

-Princess Margaret Rose clinic

-Mzilikazi clinic

-Emakhandeni clinic

-Magwegwe clinic

– CowdrayPark clinic

-Pumula South clinic

-Njube clinic

-Luveve clinic

-Nkulumane Clinic

-Maqhawe Clinic

-Nketa Clinic

-Tshabalala clinic

-Dr. Shennan Clinic

-Pelandaba Clinic

-Khami Road clinic

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