Chamisa makes promises as he launches CCC by-election campaign

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa launched its by-election campaign at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare on Sunday.

Below are some of the promises made by Chamisa.

Civil Servant Salaries

Teachers: When we are elected the first thing we will work on restoring the US$540 salaries you were earning. We will increase going forward because teachers are the guardians of the definition of any nation, teachers are the campus of civilization. Without teachers, there are no politicians, cooks and builders.

“We want to take teachers back when they were known as people with dignity,” said Chamisa.

– Our civil servants, soldiers, police, CIO, you all have to know that most of the time if it failing with one leader look for another leader. Its not a nation where police, soldiers go to work loaded in a lorry, where soldiers earn less than RTGS30 000. We want to take them back to where soldiers were given beef while in barracks, thus where we are headed.

-War-veterans fought for the liberation of the country, when I was in Parliament, I was representing war veterans every time and again. There is no country that will move without war veterans.  In America, UK, South Africa they have veterans, If you want to a better life, look for CCC.


1. CCC is the next government in Zimbabwe

2. CCC means Chimurenga CheZimbabwe Chechina (The Fourth Chimurenga). The first one was the 1st Chimurenga, the second one was the liberation struggle. The third one was the land reform. The fourth one is the restoration of people power.

3. The third declaration that I came to speak about is that in this nation we will never allow an election that is rigged.

“Never again is an election going to be rigged. Never again is 2018 going to be repeated. This time I will be in the forefront while others follow, there are no elections that are going to be stolen in this country.”

Give me just one week and you will see the whites running to this country with money, China will come here with money

4. The fourth thing that I came to declare is that in Zimbabwe that you are seeing when we are in power, there is no police officer who will walk around with a truncheon to beat people. Instead of roadblocks, we will introduce digital policing.

-Do you know that power has already shifted, in this country power is on our side what is left is declaration and inauguration. My focus now is on how I am going to be declared on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe but otherwise, the power has already been declared.

-We want to form a new government, we are saying for the people who were working in council we are giving you a new contract with us the citizens, we are giving the power to the citizens, if you are a councillor and stealing stands, citizens deal with such a person.

-We are preparing to form the government of Zimbabwe, we will start forming starting from the councillors, MP, Ministers; our criteria for one to be in leadership we will come back to the citizens, we are asking that you give us clean people without corruption, who stay with the people and who will stand with the people. Where we are heading no one will buy voters from the primary elections we are going back to the people .

On the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)

We commissioned experts to analyse the voters roll. I had been tipped off by some senior government officials that the document was being tampered with.  We have infiltrators in government departments — we have infiltrated all government departments.

We will not let Zec get away with its manipulation. Starting with this by-election, if Zec does not address these anomalies, it will not be well.  There will be instability in the country. On the issue of voter manipulation, do not panic. We have strategies.

The first strategy is to ensure that Zec policies are compatible with the Constitution. If they don’t heed our demands, then we will take legal remedies. But we know that the courts may not be able to deliver justice fairly. We have our own solution. We will go to the streets. We will protest against Zec.

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