Covid-19 can spread in hot temperatures

The Claim: Claim: There is no need to vaccinate against Covid-19 when it is hot as the heat kills the virus.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: There is no need to vaccinate against Covid-19 when it is hot as the heat kills the virus.

Some citizens still believe that there is no need to vaccinate against Covid-19 due to the hot sunny weather and high temperatures, claiming the virus does not spread fast due to the heat.

This belief comes after scorching heat that has swept some parts of the country, with several provinces recording extreme temperatures promoting claims the hot weather stops the spread of Covid-19, therefore there is little need to vaccinate.

Some people do believe Covid-19 “will not survive in high temperatures” or that the virus will return to attack when it is cold.   

But medical experts warn that the Covid-19 virus can spread in hot and humid climates and the best way to protect yourself is by maintaining physical distance, cleaning your hands and ‘importantly’ vaccinating.

“The science behind heat killing Covid-19 is not true. We all know that even in hot weather we get flu and Covid-19 happens to be a severe form of flu. That’s why it’s called SARS-CoV-2, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, CoV-2, so it’s a coronavirus type two, part of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). It can spread both in the hot weather and cold weather,” said the City Health Services Director, Dr Edwin Sibanda.

Dr Sibanda noted that people assumed Covid-19 spread less in hot weather but the logic was due to the heat, people tended to socially distance more.

“The truth is that in hot weather,  because it’s hot, we tend to space out more. We social distance on our own. We don’t have to be told to social distance but because of the heat, we generally open the windows and other things, even when we even stand outside we social distance, without someone coming in from health or other pillars to remind us,” said the medical expert.

He indicated that social distancing was key, as it prevented spread of Covid-19 that is why people were encouraged to keep their distance rather than huddle together.

“But the moment it either rains or gets cold, we cuddle in and this is where Covid-19 spreads so it’s really the social distancing, which is key not the heat. The heat is the one that causes the social distancing to occur and that’s the relationship ( not that heat kills Covid-19),” Dr Sibanda explained.

Social distancing, alongside washing hands, enables one to eliminate the virus that may be on their hands and avoid infection that could occur by touching eyes, mouth and nose, he added.

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