Did Chamisa incite people to use violence to topple the government?

The Claim: Claim: Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa incited people to use violence to get him into power.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa incited people to use violence to get him into power.

“While he might have changed the name from the MDC-Alliance to the Citizens Coalition for Change but for Nelson Chamisa old habits die hard and indeed a leopard can never change its spots. The CCC leader surprised his supporters when he admitted that his party does not have an ideology expect when he gets into power Western Countries will give him money,” claimed a ZBC News report on Sunday evening.

Like violent student leader he is always been, Chamisa reminded men of violence, his supporters that unleashed on 1 August 2018 and January 2019 by calling on his supporters to topple the Government. He also called on teachers to go on strike reminding many of the dark days of violent demos that destroyed the economy in early 2000.

“Chamisa’s calls for teachers to go on strike confirms utterances by the opposition party masters in the house of lords who revealed that they were indeed working with Zimbabwe teachers’ union to destabilize the government.”

What did Chamisa actually say?

Addressing his first rally ahead of the 26 March by-elections on Sunday at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare, CCC President Nelson Chamisa said:

On teachers

“I know teachers are suffering, employees are suffering. Do you know that a teacher is not asking for much, teachers are only saying they want their salaries to be returned to the US$540 they used to get when Mugabe was still president,” said Chamisa.

“Chamisa is not hunger, Chamisa is just a person. When people are hungry they have a legitimate reason to demand food. When we are in power the first thing that we will address is to retain your salaries to what you used to get during Mugabe’s era. We will review it going forward because teachers are the foundation of a nation, guardian of a destiny of any nation, campus of civilization. If there is no teacher there is are politicians, cooks, or builders. Teachers are supposed to be given respect” he said.

On Investment

If I assume power, within a week white people will be flocking here with money Give me the key and see, if you give me; one week you will see the whites coming here with money. China will come here with money.

Topple the Government claims

Chamisa was actually referring to anomalies found on the voters’ roll.

“We commissioned experts to analyse the voters’ roll. I had been tipped off by some senior government officials that the document was being tampered with.  We have infiltrators in government departments — we have infiltrated all government departments,” said Chamisa.

We will not let Zec get away with its manipulation. Starting with this by-election, if Zec does not address these anomalies, it will not be well.  There will be instability in the country. On the issue of voter manipulation, do not panic. We have strategies.

“The first strategy is to ensure that Zec policies are compatible with the Constitution. If they don’t heed our demands, then we will take legal remedies. But we know that the courts may not be able to deliver justice fairly. We have our own solution. We will go to the streets. We will protest against Zec.”

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