How much surplus electricity is Zambia generating?

The Claim: Zambia has an electricity surplus of 1000MW
The Verdict: claim verdict

CLAIM: Zambia has an electricity surplus of 1000MW

SOURCE: Zambian ruling party United Party for National Development member, Joseph Kalimbwe. 

VERDICT: TRUE, that country currently has a surplus of 1156MW.

Amid the serious load shedding crisis going on in Zimbabwe and neighbours South Africa, Zambia’s ruling party, United Party for National Development member, Joseph Kalimbwe boastfully said the two countries should reach out to his country for help as Zambia has got an electricity surplus of over 1000MW. 

“Zambia has an electricity surplus of 1000MW. Two SADC countries are having a serious load shedding crisis going to stage 5, why can’t they reach out and buy from us? Pride will kill trade among SADC countries. Is it chelete (money) or it’s pride? Pride won’t feed you, reach out,” Kalimbwe tweeted.

How much electricity surplus does Zambia have?

According to Lusaka Times, that country’s power company, ZESCO revealed that they have achieved an electricity generation surplus of 1156MW (megawatts) as of July 2022 following the successful commissioning of the 4x150MW generators at the 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower Power Station.

Zambia’s national generation capacity stands at 3456.8MW while the national demand is roughly 2300MW.

That surplus power is available for trade within the interconnected Southern Africa Power Pool network according to ZESCO.

Zambia has several power stations including the Victoria Falls Power Station which generates 108MW, Itezhi-Tezhi Hydro Power and Transmission Line Project supplying the country with 120MW, Kafue Gorge Lower Power Station(750MW), Kafue Gorge Upper Power Station (900MW), and Lunsemfwa Hydro Power.

CONCLUSION: Zambia is generating an electricity surplus of 1156MW

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