Is it true that Pelandaba West does not have storm drainages?

Verdict: True

CITE spoke to Pumula East residents who confirmed that rain water, flooded their houses and damaged property each time it rained.

CITE also spoke to Alderman Zana who said drainages in his ward had not been properly maintained resulting in floods hitting the area.

Source: During the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) 3335th Full Council meeting, on March 4, 2020, Alderman Zana expressed concern on how the lack of storm drainages in Pelandaba West was affecting residents in neighbouring Pumula East suburb.

According to the alderman, Pelandaba West is a fairly new suburb which is still being developed, meaning infrastructure is still being, hence the lack of drainages.

Pelandaba West is also at high latitude while Pumula East is at low latitude, hence when it rains water flows towards Pumula East.

According to residents of Pumula East, their drainages have not been maintained for the past 15 years hence soil piled up blocking free flow of water. 

 Background: The Bulawayo City Council recently raised awareness on the importance of drainage systems in the city, following the flash floods that hit the city in February.

The local authority also urged residents to avoid dumping soil or other material in drainage systems. 

The City Council encouraged residents to call the fire brigade whenever flooding hits their areas.

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