Has CCC named its shadow cabinet?

Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa
The Claim: Claim: Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)  leader Nelson Chamisa has named his shadow cabinet.
The Verdict: claim verdict

Claim: Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)  leader Nelson Chamisa has named his shadow cabinet.

Several online media publications carried stories claiming that CCC leader Nelson Chamisa had announced his shadow cabinet “…which interestingly does not constitute his loyalist Members of Parliament (MPs) who remain in parliament under the MDC Alliance identity.”

There were further claims that Chamisa was responding to Steven Chan, a professor of world politics at the University of London in the United Kingdom who was recently in Zimbabwe.

Professor Chan said that CCC was the government in waiting and the West was keen “to know with whom it would be dealing, portfolio by portfolio, in the event of a 2023 CCC electoral victory.”

However, CCC deputy national spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba disputed the claims saying the party had made no such appointments.

“It’s a clear distortion of the facts, the Citizens Coalition for Change has made appointments for parliamentary deployments for people to speak on parliamentary issues with specific focus areas that include finance, labour, youth and other portfolios as reflected by the existing ministerial positions country,” said Siziba.

He said the party has done this specifically to make sure that they have delegated responsibilities and spokespersons on peculiar issues in the Zimbabwean Parliament.

“We have made this very clear, if you follow our announcements that we have made in the past, we have maintained that position that we are going to announce a shadow cabinet and a cabinet does not necessarily include people who are just in parliament, there are other people, experts within the Zimbabwean body politic in business, and other spheres of life who will be able to help CCC to govern in 2023 and those people are going to be announced,” said Siziba.

Siziba added that they are going to publicly announce who the party deploys to specific areas.

“We have made it very clear that all the other issues that include our blueprints and other documents of the party, and including who we deploy in specific areas, we are going to publicly announce in due course. As for now, we have just deployed parliamentary spokespersons,” he said.

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