President Mnangagwa has not reshuffled his Cabinet

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
The Claim: President Mngangagwa has reshuffled Cabinet
The Verdict: claim verdict

 A video clip of SABC went viral on social media claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had reshuffled Cabinet. 

The fake claims were also repurposed on WhatsApp groups to read: 

“Breaking News Mnangagwa reshuffles his cabinet. Oppah Muchinguri- first vice president (Chiwenga dropped), Kembo Mohadi – second vice president, Chinamasa – bounces back as new minister of finance, Christopher Mutsvangwa – new minister of foreign affairs, Sydney Sekeramai- bounces back as new minister of defence, George Charamba- new minister of media and information,” read the claims. 

However the claims made in the clip are false and indications are it was generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrated by features on the clip. 

For instance, the newsreader’s lips show  what she says and what is heard is not in sync while the mispronunciation of names is another indicator that the video may be AI generated.  

CITE also contacted Zanu PF Director of Information and Publicity, Farai Marapire who confirmed the information was false. 

“The president and first secretary has a method through which he announces any changes that may be obtained in the party or government. Of all these methods , WhatsApp chain messages are not included,” he said. 

Marapira also pointed out that the circulating video was generated by AI. 

“There is nothing online showing SABC did such a news story, it would be awash- all-over social media,” said the Zanu PF Director of Information and Publicity. 

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