President Mnangagwa has not fired VP Chiwenga

Constantino Chiwenga Vice-President of Zimbabwe
The Claim: Information Ministry reports that President Mnangagwa has fired his VP Chiwenga
The Verdict: claim verdict

According to a tweet from @PatsonKanengoni, the Ministry of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, President Mnangagwa fired his deputy, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, for allegedly plotting to remove him from power.

The above information is false as the information ministry did not announce such a move, and the statement announcing the alleged expulsion indicates that it was repurposed from a notice of appointment while the stamp on the notice is hazy.

This can be seen by the font used on the statement as it differs from the original template.

The fake statement shows the signature of Dr Martin Rushwaya, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, who announces appointments made by the president.

Rushwaya is not a member of the Information Ministry and also did not announce such a move, despite what the fake statement implies.

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