Have domestic violence cases increased under the lockdown?

CLAIM: Domestic violence cases have increased in Zimbabwe under the lockdown period
Verdict: True
SOURCE: On May 9, 2020, The Chronicle Newspaper carried an article under the headline, Domestic violence cases rise under lockdown https://www.chronicle.co.zw/domestic-violence-cases-rise-under-lockdown/ in which the Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) was quoted saying domestic violence cases had increased by over 100 percent in the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

According to the article, the cases rose to about 1 200 cases per month from an average of 500 reported cases usually reported.

“Media and reports by institutions such as Musasa and Padare show an unprecedented increase in domestic violence manifesting in physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse among family members,” reads the report.
“Enkundleni (Padare), the Men’s Forum on Gender Equality, reports that in the period ending April 30, they had received more than 50 reports of domestic violence on men since the lockdown started, a sharp increase.”

CITE spoke to Ziphongezipho Ndebele, Programmes officer for Padare/Enkundleni Men’s Forum on Gender who confirmed that gender-based violence cases have notably increased since the beginning of lockdown.

“Gender based violence cases are notably higher than before lockdown period. One of the contributing factors is the fact that the majority of people are still at home, they have not yer resumed work. Most people are informal traders and are still under lockdown,” Ndebele said.
“Our colleagues on the ground have been informing us that they are now overwhelmed by the huge numbers of reports that have been coming through.”

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